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      Call Us: (805) 604-9090
      Fax: (805) 604-9050

      Welcome to Dabmar Lighting!
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      Mr. Dan Davidson founded Dabmar Lighting, Inc. in 1990.  Dan, a then successful certified and licensed 
      Electrical Contractor, began his visionary journey in the lighting industry by providing energy efficient
      ceiling and wall lighting fixtures.  While competitors extend their delivery time, Dabmar responds to 
      customer needs with available inventory on all cataloged items.  Dabmar has the ability to ship same
      day from its 50,000 square foot facility conveniently located in Southern California.  Historically 
      Dabmar has been recognized as the source with the Lowest Prices for the Best Quality Product in the nation.
      Today Dabmar is a manufacturer of high quality fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial use.  The 
      full product line includes many styles of Landscape, Decorative Posts, High Intensity Discharge, Fluorescent and
      LED Lighting Fixtures for outdoor and indoor applications.