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      Call Us: (805) 604-9090
      Fax: (805) 604-9050

      Welcome to Dabmar Lighting!
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      Dabmar Lighting, Inc.

      Address: 320 Graves Ave.
      City/State/Zip: Oxnard, CA, 93030
      Phone: 805-604-9090
      Fax: 805-604-9050
      Website: http://www.qtxrh.cn
      Email: dabmar@www.qtxrh.cn
      Vendor type: Manufacturer
      Vendor Profile: Dabmar Lighting Incorporated


      • Exceptional Value
      • Superior Service
      • Highest Quality


      Founded in 1990 Dabmar manufactures a very extensive selection of unique cost effective energy efficient lighting fixtures for Landscape Outdoor Architectural Commercial Industrial and Residential applications.


      Dabmar Lighting maintains an on-hand inventory of ALL items represented in their catalogues and provides their distributors with same-day completion and shipment on 99 percent of all orders received.